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The future highly contagious form of the AIDS virus. Just touching, breathing the same air, or just the thought of this person will bring about bouts of nausea, gagging, and the overwhelming need to get away fast.

Characteristics of such people: Extremely skinny, warm moist hands, missing teeth, excessive drinking and smoking, unemployed, and romantically challenged. Basically like a crackhead. Most all crackheads have some form of liquid AIDS.
Person 1: "OMG! There's a crackhead outside the window!"
Person 2: "Really??" *Looks outside*
Person 2: "Oh no, that's just my friend, Chetus. He has liquid AIDS."
Person 1: "Damn! That's F%^&ed up!"
by CureForLiquidAIDSAmerica March 09, 2011
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