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A troll with a huge ass ego.
Lionheart has a huge ego
by Bob the conquerer December 15, 2003
1. A troll
2. The guy that pwned the gamefaqs mods
3. To be really annoying
1. That guy is such a lionheart
2. Those mods got Lionheart'd
3. Thay user is so Lionheart!
by The original Gangsta December 15, 2003
A famous Troll
Damn that troll Lionheart!
by BlueKid1985 December 15, 2003
To be an egomaniac
He is such a lionheart
by The Sourpuss Kid December 15, 2003
1. To have no life.
That guy lionhearts
by Borris December 15, 2003
To piss others off
He Lionhearts me off.
by Republic of France December 15, 2003
A guy with too much free time on his hands.
He has too much free time on his hands.
by Beetlejuice December 15, 2003