a male on the very verge of flaming metrosexuality. defining characteristics include ownership of evisu, seven for all mankind, paper denim and cloth fashions.
omg. did you see what he was wearing today? he is such a linus.
by tina2700 May 27, 2005
to knit / crochet - as in the linus club or project linus ( charity that donates knitted blankets to sick kids)
shes such a granny, all she does is linus
want me to teach u to linus
by rachel January 27, 2005
A lying jack-ass who thinks he is so totally awesome, when he is a nice guy but then changes when he feels like it.
Don't do a linus
by Scottishjumps May 27, 2010
father of the children, bo-stina and cammo milla. married and divorced with fido.
therefor linus is some one who is a ditching bastard.
-oh, look! there goes linus!
-yeah, but he was so mean to that poor fido..
by enold April 05, 2005
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