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derogatory term for someone who works in a cotton mill.
If you don't get that GED, you gonna be a lint head your whole life. Wait, nevermind.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 20, 2005
7 3
a derogatory term for an employee of a textile mill, particularly in the Hill Country of the American South. The term came into usage in the early twentieth century. Lintheads were and are primarily white southerners that are either the progeny of or themselves tenant farmers.
The foreman tries to make you feel badly about being a linthead. Don't be. Your spot in heaven is secure; they should be the one worrying.
by T-Dog Jenkins March 18, 2005
42 9
an elderly white person or a blond person
hey linthead, you got ink all over your hair
by criccet September 08, 2005
5 19