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A biased judge. Often selecting people based on flirtation and previous ... arangements.

Named after the great chorus teacher himself.
Man, Bill should've gotten the role, but the judge was a real linner and it went to the guy that biffed his audition.
by David Gustafson June 07, 2004
15 135
The meal between lunch and dinner, just as brunch is the meal between breakfast and lunch.
We went on a hot linner date at 3pm.
by Cheeze Monkey August 26, 2003
2068 1450
A late lunch, almost dinner meal.
After the soccer game, we went to Arby's for linner.
by MW713 May 15, 2008
61 32
a meal between lunch and dinner. (very important meal)
what do you want for linner?
by Mikkel Krogh April 21, 2008
62 36
A mix between lunch and dinner.
i forgot to eat lunch so i had linner.
by mookmarr August 10, 2009
28 18
The meal that is eaten when it's too late for lunch and too early for dinner. It should be substantial enough to last through the evening and therefore make it possible to skip dinner all together.
I'm hungry. I didn't eat lunch at 12 and probably won't eat dinner at 6, so lets have linner at 4.
by annieoakley120 September 26, 2010
23 15
Linner is between lunch & dinner, like brunch is between breakfast & lunch.
(It's 15:00) Hey honey, you wanna grab some linner?
by Deewtje May 17, 2009
20 12
Having Lunch really late which eradicates the need for having Dinner later on.
Oh, you can carry on, I dont feel like having anything, I just had linner.
by Cheetahpapeetah December 19, 2010
6 2