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Tricking someone into clicking on a link against their well.
You want your friend to see, but you know they won't click on the explicit link. So you disguise the link via a link shortener like TinyURL or and send that link to them instead. If they click on the shortened link, you are a linkrapist and they have been linkraped.
by zeldanuclear April 06, 2011
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The process of posting an incessant number of links to someone's profile on a social networking tool.
Jennifer: "You've posted like, 5 sites on my wall today"

Ryan: "Yeah sorry, I totally linkraped you"
by ryanandhobbes July 24, 2010
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A link which, when clicked, reveals content which jumps out of the web and molests your eyeballs. Oftentimes the content is obscured by DNS or other link trickery.
The classic example is, the shock site image of a man stretching his anus to superhuman proportions. Directly at the camera.

Typical dialogue surrounding link rape:
Friend: I advise against clicking this link.
You: ::click:: OMG, my eyes! They've lost their virginity!
Friend: I told you not to click it...

Enemy: You have to check out the hot coeds at this site: (this is 555 example).
You: ::click:: OMG, my eyes! ::oedipus rex::
Enemy: Mwahaha....

tubgirl (
lemonparty (
2 girls 1 cup (
by turbandic October 25, 2011
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