see 'nang'
dat party was lime.
by itssimplekillthebatman May 06, 2009
Based off the term "Lemon," which means a fanfic that has explicit sexual imagery, "lime" is a toned-down version, sexual without being pornographic.
Sara wrote two versions of that fic - a lemon with a hard-core scene and a lime that left the sex out.
by TEFM April 28, 2005
trinidadian slang equivilent to hang out
lime, limed, liming, ect
"having a lime with some friends"
"i was liming with them last night"
"we limed together"
by Jess-Ma May 25, 2007
1) (v) Hanging around with friends of family.
2) (n) A casual gathering of friends and family. "This lime has no juice", this gathering is dull.
by VAKI5 October 23, 2003
-lime (verb), lime (noun), liming (noun)-
"lime" is a Trinidadian word, which means to socialize and hang out. A "lime" is any event where you socialize and hang out. But the fact that there is a specific *word* for socializing and hanging out emphasizes how important this activity is, gives it high priority, and makes people more prone to do it on a regular basis. "hanging out" is like something you do when you don't have any better plans, or your plans fall through: you invite someone to come over, they ask you what's going on, you might say "just hanging out", or, you were planning to go a party but plans fall through so you decide to settle for "just hanging out" instead.
In Trinidad, liming is a respectable alternative to having a barbecue, going out to a bar, partying, or seeing a movie. On a Friday night you will invite 10 people over to your house and tell them you're having a lime, and they will all show up, sit in your living room, and enjoy themselves liming all night. You don't have to entice them to come or structure the social event with a movie, games, barbecue, or plans to go out (although all of these things are liming as well). When you walk some friends back to their car after a movie or party, instead of just saying goodbye and driving home, it's completely natural for people to spontaneously decide to stand up outside their car and lime for the next couple hours (this could be called a parking lot lime). Passing the time with various weekend and evening hobbies doesn't really happen in Trinidad, because every Trinidadian's primary form of entertainment is... LIMING!
by josephjay January 13, 2011
To casually relax with a group of close friends or family. Sometimes occurs in the presence of alcoholic beverages.

Originated in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1070s and has found widespread use in areas where Trinidadian immigrants congregate.
Gordon, Jeff and I had a good lime outside.

Taylor, are you liming tonight?
by Drellos July 19, 2005
A defective "green" car like a hybrid or electric vehicle (e.g. Chevy Volt, Fisker Karma). A play on the term lemon.
Dude, did you hear about how Consumer Reports bought a $100,000 hybrid and it broke down on the test drive?

Who'd spend 100 G's on a lime like that?
by kalvinistken March 12, 2012

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