a sexual position in which you slightly resemble the number 6 or a lima bean. also an enigma observed in the shoulder lean by young dro ft T.I.
1)yo nigga, i was lima bean six'n that bitch real hard

2)i lean and get lit, lima bean six
#lima bean 6 #lb6 #lima bean #lbeanin #beanin #lbean
by b.k July 22, 2006
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Top Definition
A green-colored BMW 6 series.
1. Ayo, peep my lima bean six skatin on paper.

2. I lean n get lit, lima bean 6,
I ride 26, n let my nine screens flip.
#lima bean 6 #lb 6 #l bean 6 #lima bean 7 #lima bean
by CDiggah August 23, 2006
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