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lil chris is defined to me as a really hot lad that joined a rock band formed by gene simmons on the channel 4 tv show 'Rock School', he played guitar and was the lead singer. After Rock School he went solo and is now doing very well with his hit single 'Checkin it out'. its wicked!!!
The reason he is called lil chris is quite obvious as he is small for his age (16) and is called Chris (last name-Hardman).
by xx_stacey_xx September 29, 2006
The most retarded fucktard of a dipshit ever to produced by a stinking UK reality TV show. He's 15, and his voice is yet to break, and sounds worse than the lead singer from Simple Plan. His music literally makes your ears bleed, and you will not doubt cut yourself and become emo because of how awful it is.
Rabid fangirl: z0mg lil chris is so smexy lolz

Me: Fuck. Off.
by SadisticMonkey December 16, 2006
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