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kockney slang,covers wide range of feelings and emotions in one word,if you don't know, then you don't know likee,basic bristish bla for yea-ERR!,If you ain't from england don't use dar word
You know likee,typical brixton boot boys basic bla-hagg,
by P. Percivle Poo Pants the Turd August 10, 2009
A chatroom synomym for the word "like", or "like it" while also sounding cute. Also used in RL. Origionated from an sparrow accent used in the anthropomorphic series, "RedWall"
P1: read my article
P2: Woh!
P1: u likee?
P2: Its teh sweet!
by Desalora June 07, 2007
a word used after every sentence.
in the urban community...
holla at me like...
woah likee...
i thought u was cummin likee...
by mamaataalah... May 03, 2009