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n.) the phenomenon where one's facebook "likes" become inflated, meaningless, or worthless due to overuse.
Chris: Alexa always likes everything I post within seconds, her likes are so common that they've become meaningless.

Tom: Bitch does that to me too!

Erik: She suffers from extreme like inflation.
by rBergman January 08, 2012
Usually occurring on social media sites and forum sites, it occurs when members on the website, known as Like Inflators, constantly hit the like button on every post they see. They usually do not hold a regard to what the post is, so you might see the most idiotic, white knight-ish and/or social justice warrior like post get one like.
This decreases the value of likes on a website, as you can easily get a ton of likes from a Like Inflator, or a ton more of them if there are multiple ones on the website
forum member 1: I have given over 100,000 likes on this forum!

Forum member 2: like inflator..... you're the reason this forum has so much Like Inflation
by Nobody here June 09, 2015
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