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the lifetime channel is a network run by the folks at A&E television network. as a young adult myself i can say that i'm not into that channel because of all the movies and tv specials about women (and on some occasions, men) are in some god-awful love triangles, financial and/or legal issues, sexual assault and in most extreme cases murder, and hell just to make the program more interesting, combine all 3 and BAM!!!

you got the lifetime channel
men are evil and will hurt you, because this is lifetime (family guy)

pretty much the theme of about 80% of the programs on the lifetime channel
by purple_sheboodles29 November 20, 2009
used to refer to someone having an incurable STD such as herpes, warts or HIV/AIDS.
"Dang shawty so sexy! Too bad I heard she got the Lifetime Channel"
by niKnak74 January 24, 2010

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