Top Definition
To shoot bullets from a gun, usually at other people.
Sometimes you gotta lick shots at cats.
by sqyttles August 20, 2003
Jamaican term for shoot.
De man lick shot at mi car dread.
#lik shot #spank #shoot #gat #strap
by Geo Strach August 12, 2009
To deal (esp. drugs)
Does he Lick Shot? = Does he deal?
I got the money lickin shot = I obtained the money by dealing
He licks shot bare = he deals large amounts/ he deals frequently
#deal #sell #exchange drugs for money #licks shot #licking shot etc
by Jafar Escobar September 21, 2006
to shoot a gat nigga style at something.
Dayum, dat mofo straight lick shots.
#gat #gangsta #nigga #nigger #mofo
by mauser451 October 05, 2009
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