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An ongoing far-left lecture by a mindless professor or teacher that cannot be objected to by a student for fear of receiving a bad grade. Lectures are generally spurred by a distraction and can last up to or over one hour. Almost always full of lies. NOTE: Rants would be appropriate if both sides of the argument were shown.
Teacher: So that is why this war and recession is all Bush's fault and he should have never declared war and spent so much money.

Student (In thought): Hey teacher, you liberal douchebag, the president can't declare war, and Democrats in Congress voted to go to war on terror along with Bush and the Republicans. When it proved costly, you and your lying party blamed only the Republicans. Bush also spent his money like your party (liberally), and was blamed by Democrats. Meanwhile, our inexperienced asshole of a president spent more money in his first year than any other president. COMBINED.

(Two Hours Later)

Student: Dude i just had to deal with a liberal rant for 2 hours.

Other Student: That sucks. I hate when misinformed professors brainwash our peers.
by Tommie Salami October 31, 2010
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