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A drinking game for two or more players. It is a quick game, but is best played with less than 7 players. It is played with two dice and a large plastic cup (24 oz or more).
Play starts with Player 1 who shakes the dice in a cup then turns the cup over onto the table. Player 1 peeks at the dice. The dice make a number and Player 1 tells the next player that number, reading the highest number first. Player 2 can believe Player 1, but must beat that number with his/her own number. Player 2 then shakes the cup and tells a higher number to Player 3 - even if Player 2 does not get a higher number. The game is "Liar's Dice", remember).
The game goes in one direction and continues until either the player with the dice is caught in a lie, or the player who calls it a lie is incorrect.
A pre-determined amount of alcohol is consumed by the "loser". Play resumes quickly.
Liar's Dice is played like this:
Player 1: (shake, sees a 3,4) "forty-three"
Player 2: OK. (shake, sees a 4,5) "fifty-four"
Player 3: Um, ah...ok. (shake, sees a 5,5) "sixty-one"
Player 4: Bullshit! (Player 4 lifts cup exposing Player 3's 5,5)
So, Player 3 sheepishly chugs some pre-defined quantity of alcohol.
Player 4 re-starts the game.
by gavoni July 06, 2008
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