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The aftermath you receive when you reveal your feelings to a girl. The girl doesn't necessarily have to be an lg but this tactic definitely is.

Basically the girl almost completely shuts you off and brings up a level of awkward as a reaction to your feelings. The Lg move can be identified as ignoring your phone calls, one word text replies, and the classic avoiding you.

It's a whole new level when the girl plays stupid or acts oblivious when she obviously knows something is up between you and her.

Can also be referred to as "leading on"
How the lg move can occur:
Boy: I sort have feelings for you
Lg: Oh you like me?
Boy: Is that not obvious? Everybody knows.
Lg: Oh, well I had an idea...
Boy: Eating out? Late night phone calls? Flirting? How could you not tell?
Lg: Oh, I thought you were just really friendly.
Boy: Forreal?

The lg will then use a cliché statement to express her disinterest in your feelings and "will" to still remain "good" friends.

This follows up with avoidance, and general replies to your texts like: "sup" "k." "lol" and "busy."
by Cest.La.Vie April 07, 2011
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