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an uncharacteristic turnaround of form
I was feeling really rough last week but now I'm Leyton Orient
by Polo_o October 25, 2004

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1) (noun/adj) Something that starts the sesaon or year well, but then goes really, really shit at the end.
2) A football team (soccer for you americans) that is in the 3rd devision (it will always be the 3rd devision to me, not the coca cola barclaycard champion premier division 2 or whatever it has urned into) of the english football league. It tends to start the season well, but ends up going really shit at the end, which is why is has never been promoted or relegated. see www.leytonorient.com/
Wow, leyton orient really started the season well, but then went shit.
by 73h d00d July 31, 2005
Poor, half-assed attempt.
That shot was typical fucking leyton orient.
by w_f_B March 16, 2004