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one of the most experiemental bands to date, incorporating pop, rock, metal, punk, electro, indie, and everything in between. their lead singer deemed them "pseudo pop"
girl 1: "lexi sayok is playing tomorrow live!"

girl 2: "no way lets go!!"
by like_a_grenade1111 July 15, 2008
a pop band from the suburbs of salt lake city. they're best known for their extremely original sound. whether you like them or not, you must admit that they have their own original sound. their music is all written by their front man devan bailey.
"lexi sayok sounds like my ears just went through puberty and had a heart attack all at the same time!"

"yayayaya.... let's listen to pseudo science!!"
by miss_kill_scene11 September 22, 2008
An experimental indie band out of Centerville, Utah, comprised of two skinny vegetarians & a girl with glasses.
Hotchick1: "Awwwww, those Lexi Sayok boys are s0O0-o0O HOT!"

bANGINchick16: "Yeahhhh!!! Let's do'em!"
by TheEnd55 December 11, 2006
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