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a small mammal, often spotted in the depths of the largely male populated 'KoKos' distinctive features include, shortness in height, largeness in breast and a immeasurable want for 'cock!' this force of nature can sometimes be confused for a leprechaun or smurf, however if you insult her or her close following of minions she will give you the 'one bomb' a unique fighting technique developed in the ghetto of lillington. mothers should lock up there sons and possibly husbands, nephews, fathers, and any other penis related organism they wish to keep. a true Bicknell through and through.... mating call of the infamous levi- 'tell that girl her pum pums huge'
tell that girl her pum pums huge
o wait is that a smurf.... nope thats a levi bicknell
by sazz2010 October 04, 2010
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