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When smoking weed there are 5 levels of being high.

1 Buzzed(Just enough to feel slightly intoxicated)>Only pussies get buzzed

2 High(An awesome feeling of bliss all over everything is better high
3 Really High(You will probably not do anything productive;for celebrations etc)

4 Stoned(You don't want to think about things so you get stoned)

5 Warp Vision(Special Occasions where you smoke so much time skips see separate definition

6 Passed Out(What are you a junkie man? You just ate 60 bucks worth of weed you'll be out cold pretty soon. What a waste!
John: So want to smoke some green girl? What levels of high you want to do?

Amy: Hell yeah i'm thinking I want to be at 3 or 4. how much we got?
John: I just picked up an 1/8 be a dare devil and get warp vision with me.
Amy: Well the boss has been a real ass lately, why not I got nothing to do tomorrow!
by weed warper 2 January 17, 2012
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