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When someone empahsizes a word by adding extra letters to it, but goes a little overboard; commonly found in AIM and Myspace conversations.
cool_guy_101: Omgg Caseyyy I'm sooo excitedd for that partyyy toniteee!!!!!!!!
xxcaseyxx: wow brad, total letter abuse.
by Casey Robberts June 18, 2007
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When someone adds unnecessary letters to words. Letter Abuse is most commonly found on Facebook status updates of teenage girls. Letter Abuse serves no purpose other than to irritate anyone with at least a 5th grade education.
The following is an example of common Letter Abuse found on Facebook/Texting:

Heyyyy im so excitedddd about homecomingggg!
Going to the gameeeeee
Lets eat at Subwayyy laterrrrrrrr
spellingggg thiss wayyy makess meee lookk stupiddddd
by yourgrammarishorrible October 22, 2011
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