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Rarely used term only said in some Italian groups, though other groups use it as well. Is usually said after someone says something complicated and is meant to simply them. It is also said before a plan, meaning to sum things up and simply them, thus making it just like bread. Is used in conjunction of the word bread which is usually used to describe something that is good, simple, pure, or otherwise.
"Alright, so let's make it like bread. Tommy, you get the shotguns. I'll get the flashlights. Joey, you hold on to your sister's hand, you hear me? Lucille, would you get the fucking keys? Let's go fucking trick-or-treating."

"Alright, so let's make it like bread. You fucked your girlfriend's little 20 year old sister, didn't come home last night, and you're not going to work because you're too coked up. Is that what I'm hearing? Am I hearing all this straight? Get the fuck out of here!"

"That girl is so perfect, I could eat fettucine off of her. She's like bread."
by Tuan_916 February 10, 2006

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