combination of (les)bian & thes(pian).
word used to denote any women, typically teenage and early 20-something's who engage in entry-level lesbian behavior for no reason other than to attract the attention of men, usually in bars or similar places.
what they dont realize is that men swayed by this behavior all ALWAYS big time loser spank monkeys.
if the alcohol-assisted spank monkey is emboldened (and dumb) enough to approach these twit-twats or pop tarts, they are always rejected in a shallow 7th grade, cruel and lame manner.
the attention whores french kiss, swap spit, fondle each others boobs and rub each others camel toes in a porn flick manner. this drawing attention to themselves they mistakenly believe will increase their SDQ.
also, now every other female drama queen in the place wants to kill them and they start to crotch cop their own boyfriends in response.
if mistakenly confronted by a woman actually interested some girl-on-girl action, they are offended, shrinking away while defensively making derogatory remarks about the perceived sexual deviancy of the girl hitting them up. the thought of real pussy bopping is never considered. these women are ALWAYS dead fucks anyway, so its best to boink 'em and boot 'em. make sure to get a blow job first as they always suck dick (badly), seldom being able to orgasm, to make up for their lack of sexual prowess and technique. just dont expect them to act like birds from Capistrano and swallow.
(loser)dude 1: kewl! check out those chicks swapping spit, licking each others ear lobes and grabbing twat. they must be drunk and horny. i'm gonna hit on the BLONDE one and score!!
(realistic) dude 2: whack, dem is just lespians. they aint going home wit you unless you give em your american express gold card to hold. besides, the red head one gives toothy hummers. she gummed my shank the other day and she said she gave better head than BLONDIE. when i spooied, she pulled her head away and she got a snowstorm facial.
(mad)chick 1: i'm gonna KILL those fucking paris hilton wannabe ho's if they dont quit that shit and stay away from my boyfriend!
(horny) real lesbian chick (2): i tried to hit on the red head but she blew me off giving me the nigga', please look!!
by cosmo kid February 03, 2006
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Term for a lesbian (or bisexual) actress. May also apply to lesbians involved in dyke drama.
Sam: "Now that Jodie Foster is out, she might be the best lesbian actress of them all."

Mel: "Shit, I knew that bitch was a lespian since Freaky Friday."
by noparking tuesday June 11, 2010
Girls who act gay in order to turn on boys. Once the man is tricked into a relationship under the notion he'll be having crazy threesomes, the act is dropped.
I'm only dating Alicia because I saw her making out with a chick ... 3 months into the relationship she hasn't so much as looked at a girl. I guess she's just a lespian.
by brandonontheone April 18, 2011

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