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A term for filmmakers who annoyingly leave the part of their hand going to camera to mark a certain amount of footage as good. Found commonly in skate videos, snowboard seshs, and other sport-like or trick-based footage.
*Mark does a kickflip off a 7 set*
(Shitty filmmaker) *spanks his hand on the lens and then leaves in the edit*

- He is now a lens spanker

*Simon Dumont does a kangaroo flip*

(Shitty filmmaker) *waves his hand in front of lens and leaves in the final edit*

- He is now a lens spanker

For further information, add this link to the end of youtube homepage, Donovan addresses this himself.
#hand in camera #lens #spankers #lens spanker #lens smacker #annoying #skate #skating
by HYDRAL1K September 27, 2009
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