the white guy that hangs out with carl the black guy on the simpsons...has a weird eye problem...his real name is Lenford
"AAAAh my eye! Im not supposed to get jigs in it!"
by waAGhA! March 15, 2005
noun. A Lenny is a fake or imaginary person. Usually someone's imaginary boyfriend who doesn't really exist.
She's so lying. Her boyfriend is just a Lenny.

She's just blabbing about some Lenny of hers.
by Rev.StrychnineTwitch July 04, 2011
A term used as a nickname for a lesbian. Used in reference to the baseball player Lenny Dykstra. Mainly because his last name is Dykstra which sounds like Dike.. Term is often used on the sly.
Nathan: "So whats up with those Lennys over there?"
Kevin: "Actually, I saw one of them with a man last week."
by Nate.0 April 22, 2010
A white guy on the simpsons.
White guys have names like Lenny.
by Anonymous July 19, 2003
Used to describe a person who's face looks like an animal in some way.
- Dude, that girl looks like a duck!
-She's a lenny.
by Moscow... April 06, 2011
Lenny is a kid from Baku, Azerbaijan. He traveled as a refugee to America. All the ladies love him, and men want to be him. When he grows up he is going to be a Billionair, and probably own you. So be jelouse.
Yo, DWAG, i love lenny. I wish i was lenny.
by ruskii911 December 03, 2005
The viscous, detestable discharge that signals the end of a woman's menstruation cycle. Also tends to be a fair-weather Pittsburgh fan. See also: douche sandwich.
1.) Aw, disgusting! That girl just left some Lenny on the toilet seat.

2.) Lenny, where is all your Pirates gear?
by Mr. Tibet April 29, 2010
when a man has a nut that is abnormally smaller than the other
dude, the left one is such a lenny
by tinycaligal March 26, 2008

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