When someone peels a lemon and throws it at someone else. Usually in an attempt to stain someone's shirt. It combines the word lemon and grenade.
That queer in Kam's last night was throwing ice at me so I grabbed a Lemonade from the bar and returned the favor.
#lemon #grenade #prank #awesome #cool
by EGupInThisB August 02, 2011
a magical drug that makes everything better.
Andy: I'm having such a bad day
Jessica: do you want some lemonade, it always makes me feel better.
#lemonaid #lemonad #lemon #ade #drugs
by jrif March 30, 2009
1. a drink made from lemons that is sour/sweet depending how it is prepared. (ie. lots of sugar)

2. a slang term for urine.
during a hot summer day, an ice cold lemonade can help one cool off.

guy 1: lol brb gonna make some lemonade.
guy 2: yummy! can i have some?
guy 1: EW! thats gross, dude.
#summer time #drink #sour #piss #awesome
by Quintessential American June 22, 2010
A fluffier (cuddlier, sweeter) version of a lemon(sex scene). Typically found in fanfiction
Tonight I'm gonna finish that Harry Potter lemonade I started.
by DoubleL June 05, 2005
Urine that is expelled during oral sex, from the recipients urethra into the mouth of or onto the face of the performer. May apply to persons of either gender.
I was eating my woman out the other night when she surprised me with some lemonade.
by Brown Sugar March 18, 2003
Another word for weed
I got me some Lemonade
#marijuana #cannabis #weed #plants #pot
by flipside101 January 24, 2009
Were a man pisses inside a woman's mouth. They then make out and the woman pushes the piss into the males mouth. He then eats the woman out and while eating her out puts his piss in her vagina.
Tom: Man that chick is hot!

Jerry: Ya she let me give her some lemonade last night
Tom: Aw dude are you serious!? That's sick as fuck!
#piss #lemonade suprise #sick shit! #vaginas #dicks
by Lemonade suprise October 10, 2010
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