Another word for weed
I got me some Lemonade
by flipside101 January 24, 2009
Were a man pisses inside a woman's mouth. They then make out and the woman pushes the piss into the males mouth. He then eats the woman out and while eating her out puts his piss in her vagina.
Tom: Man that chick is hot!

Jerry: Ya she let me give her some lemonade last night
Tom: Aw dude are you serious!? That's sick as fuck!
by Lemonade suprise October 10, 2010
Urine that is expelled during oral sex, from the recipients urethra into the mouth of or onto the face of the performer. May apply to persons of either gender.
I was eating my woman out the other night when she surprised me with some lemonade.
by Brown Sugar March 18, 2003
a term used to substitute the word sperm
Destiny: Did u see wat happened 2 day in math?
Deanna: No wat?
Destiny: ____ just let loose hiz lemonade in math and it got al over the front of his pants!!!!
Deanna: EWWWWWW Gross!!!!
by Teddy Boo March 02, 2009
to be described as a sour pussy..male or female
callin someone gay or bad mouthing them, disrespecting.
I asked for a soda, yo you dumb ass shit, you fucking lemonade.
by tasha/rachel April 30, 2007
drugs that either have no effect or are very weak.
The dealer sold me lemonade.
by Theresa Haffner December 13, 2003
1. a crazy hyper-active girl who runs alot for fun (crazy)

2. a fun chick

3. a person who plays the flute

4. a girl who is high on LIFE *eeep*

5. a hardcore nerd
" That chick Lemonade is one crazy mo-fo." said Waffles.
by Sir Ama Eciyoj March 07, 2008

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