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And from my own experience, being connected to people carrying "Cocksucker Blues" quantities of lello, one could easily live two, maybe three lives at once.
by dystopiancatfish January 20, 2009
The spanish word llello (pronouced yay-yo) which is slang for la cocaína, or cocaine.

Lello is a "Tropane Alkaloid" which means Lello is natural and an organic chemical compound. A.K.A Cocaine comes from a plant. This plant, is known as Coca. They make Lello using the plants leaves
Lello has been directly referenced to, by song writer and rapper, ScHoolboy Q. In his song, titled Yay Yay. Lello is consistent of a powder and is usually white. Lello is completely illegal and is considered a Drug. Lello is a stimulant and an appetite suppresser, further acting as an Anesthesia. In which the user enters a state of unconsciousness, lack of memory, and even loss of pain. Lello is seriously addictive and can be deadly in high doses.
Brett: Hey Billy, you want to buy some Lello
Billy: Depends, how much?
by Zephyx April 01, 2015
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