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Verb; to receive a lei when arriving in Hawaii
"When we got to the island, we go lei'd by the Hawaiin chicks."
by simmons(SIC) July 07, 2006
To get a lei in Hawaii. Can be used in bad jokes.
Are you going to enjoy getting lei'd in Hawaii?
by Henry Mcmansion March 24, 2007
Used when going to a beach party. Sounds extraordinarily similar to "laid."

leid: The act of putting a lei (pl. leis) over someone's neck. Usually accompanied by the speaking of "You just got leid."

lei: one of those flowery necklaces worn at beach parties.
J1: Hey, J2, ready for the beach party tomorrow?!
J2: Oh yeah, im excited. We're gonna get leid!
J1: You bet we are!
by Gonnagetleid October 02, 2009
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