Lehigh is a preppy, eastern PA school for rich kids from Jersey, NY, and Connecticutt. The Uniform is pastel colored Polos, Audis, and Livestrong Bracelets. If you don't have dark, worn-in jeans and a North Face fleece you don't belong. These Metrosexuals can kiss my fucking ass. Classes are irrelevant most of these kids could fail a special olympic spelling bee. Beruit or simply "Ruit" is the thursday through Saturday ritual. The Hill boasts drinking parties for preppy frat fuckers and bitchy sorostitutes. Going to one of these places is the best way to get laid. People come here to drink on mommy and daddys coin for 4+ years. If your here for sports or an education, your waisting your life. Belligerence and debauchery make up and ideal Friday night. Girls to Guys its 4:6 and many are fatties, wear too much makeup or stroll to class in ugly sweats to cover up their freshman 15. Only a few hotties so wait till they're drunk and slutty to get some. Winter brings car accidents for morons who think they're indestructible in their BMW 325xi's with Jersey plates. Haha.
Typical Mon-Wed: Irrelevant
Typical Thursday night: Drink beer somewhere, wake up somewhere, go to class fhungover or don't go
Typical Friday night: Drink Beer somewhere: Get a few hours sleep, then morning cocktails, then tailgates, skip the game to prep for saturday night.
Typical Saturday night: Drink all night sleep all sunday.
by Drunkasauraussrex October 25, 2004
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