When something is as cool as a super saiyan wizard.
James: I shave in the shower.

Malori: do you have like, a mirror in the shower?

James: Nope. I'm a friggin' wizard.


thats pretty legit

a -super saiyan- wizard
by Lucaloo October 10, 2012
Can be used as a question in asking whether that statement was "for real" or "accurate"
Friend: YO Lady Gaga has a penis!
Friend: haha just kidding!
by ridhard November 30, 2010
A word made from legitimate shortened by kids because they think they are "cool" saying legit.

Legitimate really means, according to law, lawful, or/and legal.
It does not mean cool, tight, or amazing.
1) wow those shoes are so legit! can i borrow them sometime?
2) maybe i would let you borrow them if you stop saying legit, you sound stupid.
by yalllknowme February 19, 2010
Short for 'legitimate'.
Those new SB Dunks are legit...
by el gato guapo July 12, 2011
Richard Green of Jackson California ( AKA Richard The Rock Star )
Gettin' Money is -Legit-.
Gettin' Ladies is -Legit-.
Writin' Music is -Legit-.

Anthony - " damn, i wish I was Legit."
Cory - " you will never be Legit. "
Anthony - " but why? "
Cory - " Because Richard Banged Your Mother."
Anthony - " Thats Legit. "
by the bay responds June 19, 2011

1. Short for the word legitimate, not fake. The real deal.

2. It can refer to something as high quality, stellar, or top notch. Saying that party was legit does not mean the same as saying that party was cool. Legit adds on more value to the context by expressing the fact that the party may have involved great music, beautiful women, and an overall great time and in no such way was a let down.

3. Legit can also in context to refer to a good deal.
1. "These nike's are legit, not that bullshit you find off the internet."

3. "Yo I traded my shitty pokemon cards for 5 holographics."

"That's legit yo!"
by Fresherthantherest October 25, 2013
Quite simply the opposite of bullshit.
Legit is the opposite of bullshit.
by Bob Hokok November 28, 2011

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