An internet troll who tries, and fails, to make up for real life impotence by adopting the bluster of an internet blow hard in an attempt to establish alpha dog superiority.
I gave the message board a chance, but left when it became obvious it was populated by leghumpers engaged in their own circle jerk.
by dog kicker February 26, 2009
1) A person whose constant quest for any part of the spotlight or access to situations they deem special/important makes them take on the persona of a non-neutered dog.

2) The persistent act of attempting to experience achievement by the mere act of forcing one's body close to and/or upon an achiever.

3) The only act a truly lazy individual is able to exert in their quest to achieve dreams that were never theirs...but seem really cool once they hear about it.
Jill never had time to help Bobby make a success of his blog. But now that sponsorships are up and Oprah's calling, she won't go away. She's such a LEG HUMPER.

If you win the lottery, every leg humper from here to kingdom come will show up as a brand new distant cousin.

Leg Humpers are the "close talkers" in the world of interpersonal relationships. They neither see nor care about appropriate boundaries.
by The Mocha Mogul September 22, 2010
A derogatory nickname that is used to describe a student, alumnus, or fan of the University of Georgia.
I can't wait for the Georgia game this year. Those leghumpers are going down.
by Bodagetta May 11, 2005
Someone who is always hugging somebody or sitting on their lap, especially if they are petty, anal-retentive, and a control freak. See Ellen; usually a spoiled brat.
This girl in my French class is a leg-humper.
by Shawn B. April 03, 2003
A leghumper is a person with almost no personality usually due to them having socially awkward ideas about the the world. The individual will latch onto your life even in unwanted scenarios and can appear to remain in your life for a considerable length of time even after having being excluded from your life, which is where the term originates.

Some times they even manage to latch on in what seems like only very brief encounters. A good example of a leghumper in action would be meeting a person who then decides that they have an arrangement for you in their life and wish to befriend you, constant texting phone calls and nocking on the door ensue all to no avail. after the grace period is over and the said person has crawled back under which ever rock they crawled out of and that persons is no longer in your life you wish to move on to bigger better brighter things.

A leghumper is somebody who has taken unwanted persistent harassment and turned it into a form of social conduct.
Thinking "I hope this guy doesn't try to leghump me because I was friendly, maybe i can introduce him to somebody else"
"I had to change my number and throw away my sim card this guys a real leghumper"
by sudonameunguessable June 25, 2015
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