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The true masters of donkey punch, (see donkey punch)

The name of a xbox 360 clan from Ireland
(xbox live anygame are clan legends of donkey punch)

Killer77: lol weres my lucky charms

Apoc: we dont have lucky charms in ireland fatboy

Killer77: lucky charms lol

Apoc: if you want to make fun of us just say "spud"

Killer77: (you cant really hear the the fat wee cunt coz hes eatin again)

Church HD: rite kid fuckin bend over its "Donkey punchin time"

Marx: lol thats wrong...

Church HD: the only wrong thing there is, his dad is next

La gov: yeaaa!

Ryan wolfe: bring out the gimp.

Didy: omg
by Church HD January 08, 2008
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