The remaining alcohol left in the bottles after a party.
God damn my head hurts...hey those bottles aren't empty - leftovers!!
by AlcoholRox January 30, 2007
The act of revenge on someone, by taking human poo poo and wrapping it in tinfoil, then sticking it in ones refridgerator.
"If Tom does'nt quick being an ass hole, he's going to get leftovers"
by Dave May 15, 2007
Hook up with somebody that your friend or acquaintance has already turned down because it was either not good enough or diseased.
Ah Hell no, Im not taking YOUR leftovers!!!
by Whiskey Dick July 30, 2003
whats left after you dont flush the toilet after taking shit.
mark: hey mom! kayla forgot to flush the toilet again and her leftovers are still here!! ew!
by HEFFIE August 04, 2005
noun: fantastically aromatic defecation that is held in before engaging in strenuous physical activity during which time it is reheated and then released.
"I had to take a shit real bad until a bunch of NIGGERS started chasing me... I had no choice but to run and have LEFTOVERS after i lost them."
by Army life blows November 25, 2003

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