That one person in class who never has a partner and therefore is either tacked on to another group of two or is left to work by themselves. This can also be a result of the class having an uneven amount of students.
Being a leftover makes you feel lonely T.T
by Ophelia Sterling March 15, 2010
quite similar to the term hung-over. most likely stoned/high the night before and in the morning experiencing a feeling of__ being not all there, tipsy, STILL high/stony, or in very lethargic bliss.
"did you blaze this morning with out me?
"no no, im just leftover from when we smoked last night."

"dood whats wrong with you?? are u hungover from lastnight or something?"
"no, i only blazed lastnight and now im super LEFTOVER.."
by southerncalifornians January 10, 2008
When you wake up after a heavy night of partying feeling pretty good on account of still being drunk; as opposed to hung over.

Having a left over can often be translated into a bearable day (given one has nothing to do) through the use of marijuana, greasy breakfast burritos, or more alcohol followed by a nap. The hair of the dog is just enough to stave of the hang over until you can deal with it in your sleep.

Late-night pot smoking helps the body lean towards a left over the next day. Don't ask me why, it just does.
Frank: "Dude, I feel like shit after drinking Budweiser last night."

Linus: "Man, you shoulda hit that joint. I have a total left over and am about to go to IHOP!"
by Drotus July 30, 2008
One who doesn't have a properly functioning driver-side window on their car, people who must open their car doors at drive-thru restaurants and ATMs.
"You're holding up the line, you goddamn leftover!"
by horselover fat December 09, 2009
1. Food that goes in the fridge (often in tupperware containers) but is rarely eaten afterward and ends up in the garbage anyway.

2. Food that remains between your teeth that is consumed long after the meal in which it originated.

3. Residual feces usually found between the buttocks. Also known as ass cheese.
1. "I don't feel like eating those leftovers right now. Maybe I'll eat them tomorrow."

2. "Aw, I just found leftovers from this morning's breakfast!"

3. person #1: hahaha, I just found some leftovers when I itched my ass.
person #2: Dude. Learn to shower properly. That's nasty.
by Lileth January 13, 2009
When a girl gets very wet from being aroused and the guy goes down there later and she is still wet. She has the leftover wetness from earlier.
guy: oh my god! you're are so wet
girl: no I'm not? those are just leftovers from earlier
guy: ohhh... well i guess I'm having leftovers for dinner!
by bitch basket fagola February 24, 2011
people who you talk to when your real friends arent around
Avi: Damit where's Aron, i have no one to talk to but jessie.

Avi: *sigh* hey jessie

Jessie: hey what's up

Avi: I hate leftovers
by FeldmanCannon June 21, 2009

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