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a leather blazer is a formal type of leather jacket. It is like a sportcoat. They are usually black or brown. They are very sexy and many guys wear them. They are very popular among the latino and italian guys.

They are also great to wear during sex or use while masturbating. Many guys like to shoot their hot loads of cum onto their leather blazers and grind their hard stiff cocks on them.
"Hey bud, that's a great leather blazer you got there... Id love to shoot my load on it" said Harry.

"Damn man, you look good in your leather blazer. You gave me a stiffy. Excuse me while I go to the bathroom and crank a load out." said Jack.

"Fuck me in the ass with your leather blazer on Daddy. This way I can jack off and shoot my cum on it." said Tony.
by LeatherJacketGuy January 14, 2011
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