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a variation of the common nipple cripple. to perform a leaping salmon, one must make a face that looks like a fish with its mouth open and "leap" somewhat discreetly/covertly from a distance and bite their targets moob or nipple.

Must be done swiftly and in such a way that the victim does not see it coming, otherwise the victim may act to block your leaping salmon. called a leaping salmon because of how salmon leap out of the sea, i dunno it looks sorta similar.

Should not be performed if the victims moob looks sweaty, because that just tastes awful.
1: Dude. i hear you were in hospital for a while?

2: Yeah, I tried to leaping salmon Micheal Moore but got a little much moob in my mouth, choked on it and subsequently suffocated.
by sarfy September 13, 2009
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