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For a Catholic, not observing Lent every 7th year or so. Real Lent is not really 40 days and 40 nights since it doesn't include the 6 Sundays that occur during it. So, you can skip Lent on the 8th year because you have "made up" for the 40 days by observing 46 days the previous 7 years. It is like a leap year, except for Lent. For instance, observe Lent for 2010 - 2016 and observe Leap Lent for 2017. The extra 2 days can be used differently depending on the Leap Lent observer.
I'm really looking forward to Leap Lent this year. The past so many years I've had to give up so much red meat for a month and a half for Lent and I'm sick of fish!
by flashwin April 26, 2010
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