A person with no drive, aggression, or physical ability, much like a rabbit. Their purpose on this earth is to be prey for stronger meat-eater types and live in a constant state of fear that a meat-eater will come and hurt them. It is often a mental state caused by poor parenting, lack of hardship, and no sense of adventure. They tend to gravitate towards menial government work and cell phone sales in the mall.
Dude did you see the way that guys just bitched out? He is such a leaf-eater.
by idahomarine April 28, 2010
Top Definition
an awkwardly tall person (from the notion that one is so tall that their head is high enough to graze the leaves on a tree.)
My boss was quite the leaf eater, 6' 6"
tall, and 275 pounds!
by weave March 16, 2003
a person with no drive, neither physically or mentally.
dont be like leaf eater dude. he sucks
by leaf_eater January 10, 2006
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