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"Leabo" should be used as a Noun, Proper Noun. A Leabo Story is a story that has no climax, purpose, and is just stupid. The common symbol for a Leabo Story is to form a "L" shape with your pointer finger and thumb. The teller of the story should be ridiculed for telling such a bad story. For your story to be called a Leabo should be considered an insult.

Example Story: Me and my friend Mitch used to go tubing, we don't go anymore.

The term Leabo can also be used to describe poop. This form of "Leabo" should be used as a verb.
My dad and I were doing yard work and my brother was playing Pokemon and my dad was like "hey stop that". This is a Leabo Story.
by MichealObeal December 12, 2013
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