A strange affliction that takes place usually after sex. In the standard lover and beloved situation when person A is more excited about the hook up than person B they will try to prolong the entire experience. Exhibited by frantic post sex cuddling and annoyingly persistent shoulder and neck kisses.
So I had my fuck buddy over last night but afterward she wouldn't stop moving. Worst case of lay dd ever.
by mini wig June 19, 2010
Top Definition
laydd can be placed at the end of any sentence usualy when speaking about someone, it has also been shorthen to laaa. The term first came about in the town of westhoughton used by students of westhoughton high school
yes laydd
go on james layd
yeah laaaa
by westhoughton town September 16, 2009
Like ADD (attention deficit disorder), but the inablility to pay attention occurs in the bedroom instead of the classroom.
I was getting it on with the mrs. last night, but couldnt stop thinking about world of warcraft, damn lay DD...
by robhk888 November 05, 2007
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