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like having a lie in in the morning but instead of having a sleep, having sex.
Gavin "wow, you look exhausted"
Laura "yeah, I had a lay-in"
by sadgav May 20, 2011
The act of being horizontal on a couch, bed, etc for an extended period of time while expending extremely little to no energy for the entire duration.
It's almost like letting your body nap while you are completely awake.

While people are layin, many times they listen to music, talk to friends, lay with pets, spoon, or for the full effect they do nothing at all.

EX: In the summer I'm always layin in the AC with my puppy.

EX: When you hung out on your bed all day and your friends asked you what you did all day you might respond "I was layin."

Lay = the actual action
Lay Sesh = The period (or session) in which you were layin
by T Mikes January 18, 2008
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