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To hang out in the background.
"Shit dogg! You lay in the cut straight sittin' in yo' ass and gettin' yo' drink on and yo' snack on, while we floss and fly this mofo all over this bitch." -Delta commercial
by Nick D February 24, 2004
Additional info: probably in reference to relaxing in a Cutlass Supreme automobile.
"Hey Putney, where you been?"

"Laying in the cut."

- Putney Swope
by Fog Hanson April 05, 2005
To have sex, being the "cut" describing the vagina, and "to lay in", reference to having sex.
Where's Tyrone?
He's with Shanessa, laying in the cut.

Have you seen Sheila? Lookin' good!
Yeah, I would love to lay in her cut.

I'm going to find Cindy, and "lay in the cut"
by Sparkomatic September 11, 2009
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