THE HOTTEST BOYS IN THE WORLD. They get all the girls and can bang anyone they want
Bro: Yo come here lets bang
Girl: Of course, your a hot lax bro
by ilovelaxbros<3 June 02, 2011
Matt Borda the Gonzaga lacrosse player who took the miracle shot at the championship game against Good Counsel.
All the laxtitutes want Matt Borda, the ultimate lax bro.

Every lax bro wants to be Matt Borda
by Washington Sports President May 12, 2011
The clothing of a lax bro: hats (fitted, trucker, college lax hats), bright colors, and have long hair (flow). Shorts all year round, and mid calf socks. Do they wear shirts? Maybe, but you're more likely to find them in a pennie. Their vocabulary mainly consists of: word, bro, gnarly, stoked, flow, etc."
The Ultimate Lax Bro "Hey bros! Anyone care to lax?"
by shroom.toon June 18, 2010
Guys who play Lacrosse. Tend to have longer hair, and all around douchebag personality. Usually has an egotistical personality and always out to prove lacrosse is the best sport ever. Most have gay sex in the showers and are always thinking about themselves. They think they are totally bro and everything they do is so bro, yet everything they do is gay. Always trying to keep chiseled abs because it makes their dicks look bigger then the real 4 inches. Notable exceptions to this description tend to be people named Jeremy and Tomas. Some like Brians' and Pats' tend to slip in and out of these personality traits. The worse of the Lax-Bro bunch is anyone named Mason. Though the root of every Lax-Bro's gayness comes from them having sex with a girl and either getting Herpes or Crabs. Second worse type of person next to a Guido.
Regular Person #1: Dude, that guys is such a fucking Dick.

Regular Person #2: Haven't you heard, He's a Lax-Bro.

Regular Person#1: Ohhh, makes sense.

Regular Person #2: Just don't shake his hand he probably has Herpes.
by Kurtis Veritas Aequitas April 04, 2011
A guy who is overly obsessed with the game of lacrosse. There are usually found wearing a small pinnie, pastel colored polos to show their inner man, frayed hats, flip-flops and college apparel to colleges they aren't smart enough to get into. Some common phrases they use are "getter done,gnarly ,stoked,sesh,flow,turf monster and wall ball." Intense lax bros go off to private schools because there home town team can't handle there massive lax skills. Most of them come home to reunite with the kids they grew up with but they realize they don't score high enough on the bro scale. Some nicknames made up by the non-laxers are douche bag, homosexuals, fags or shit heads. Every where they go they are hated on but they still convince themselves that they are the shit!
Lax Bro 1: Hey dude whats up?
Lax Bro 2: Nothing much just the ushhh ya know just re-stringing fluffy
Lax Bro 1: Sick! When your done you should come over and lax it up
Lax Bro 2:Yeah son!! i'm coming we should coordinate pastel colored pinnies.
Lax Bro 1: Gnarly I'm wearing sky blue<3
by A Lax Bros Sister July 13, 2010
Lax Bros are guys fully into lax. They love lax, chillin', and parting. They are the most chill people ever, ,they are not assholes to anyone (especially to girls) and do not think they are the shit. There are 3 levels of Lax Broness

-Ultimate Lax Bro lives for lax, wears only lax pennies: lax shorts or board shorts: flip flops: ray bans,avatiors, or oakleys: wears trucker hats or college lax hats

-Lax Bro loves the sport :and plays lax, wears lax pennies or lax t-shirts: wears lax shorts or cargo shorts: wears flip flops or shoes not tied with black socks: wears ray-bans oakleys or avatiors:wears college lax hats (mainly backwards)
-Bro plays lax: wears tee shirts:wears team lax shorts or regular shorts: wears shoes untied wit any socks: wears oakleys or sport sun glasses: wears college lax hats

most Lax Bros have their own language some of those words includes spoon, twin, magic wand, wicked, sweet, bro, dude, awesome, son, sesh, no-way, turf monster, shorty, wall ball, flow, sick, nasty
Lax Bros use the saying "getter done" the most

Also Lax Bros like neon and bright colors cuase their just sweet colors
Lax Bro 1-whats up bro
Lax Bro 2-chillin', string my head you
Lax Bro 1-chillin' just played wall ball
Lax Bro 2-sweet, dude i just got a new pair of oakleys
Lax Bro 1-bro thats sick, what color are they
Lax Bro 2- neon green and pink
by An ULTIMATE LAX BRO April 22, 2010
Person who does not only play lax (lacrosse) but associates himself with other "bros". A bro will often use words like bro, chill, flow, stoked, gnarly, and natty ice. They often chill out with their spoons (lacrosse sticks) and lax it up in the nice warm sun. They tend to wear bright colors so they can show off any way they can as they usually lack self confidence. Often they are douche bags to anyone who doesn't play lax with because its cool. The pinny is their number one piece of clothing along with bright colored sunglasses and often rasta clothing. It is ok for them to talk about pot or other drugs even if they dont smoke or take them because they are bros. Their hair is usually in mad flow and like to flick it off. Once again they are the greatest, at least they believe so, thus they are aloud to boss anyone around they want... they think. They carry their spoons around school and like to grasp eachothers shafts (handles) and fiddle with the heads (pocket for ball). They are the best and practically own the school, thus they are aloud to be douches.
Lax bro: Yo bro wheres your pinny bro?
Anyone Else: I dont play lacrosse, i have a little self dignity.
Lax bro:Bro why am i even here then, go away your messin up the flow and i gotta work on stringing the shaft up. Go chill and pop the natty ices.
by LaxBrosAreDouches April 03, 2011
usually found in Jersey or the west coast, bros enjoy chilling, getting (road?) head or dome, playing lax, and drinking Natty light. they make their bitches get them sandwiches and think women should stay in the kitchen. a common habit of a bro is to fuck a girl and then her mom/sister. they are douches. good examples at
Bro 1: hey bro, did you fuck my sister?

Bro 2:yeah, then she made me a sandwich and gave me dome. ice me.

Bro 1: you're chill.

Bro 2: wanna have a sweet lax sesh?

these are some chill lax bro conversations
by ishouldbeinthekitchen August 30, 2010
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