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Anytime a group of bro's pick up their lax wands and toss around for an extended period of time, mostly throwing behind-the-back and underhand passes. Also common, but not neccesary to the lax sesh: some brews, some bowls, the occasional babe, dispatch, dave matthews, o.a.r., jeep wranglers, hemp anklets, board shorts, lax pennies, polos, madrass, reefs, rainbows, aviators, and a good flow/ mullet.
Dean-o and his bros had nothing to do on Sunday, so they had a five-hour lax sesh.
by Devlon April 10, 2007
95 9
getting together and hangin with ya lax bros. usually practice shooting and passing. hang out and talk all about lax and wear all ur lax gear.
Cade- Duuuudddde lets go have a lax sesh at Tim's today
Tim- Yeahhhh man lets laaxxx it uppp!
by October 04, 2010
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