beautiful amazing perfect wonderful girl and if you meet someone named Lauren go and get her and treat her well
"look at that girl over there, she looks like a lauren"
by William_James January 29, 2015
OH MY GOD! I swear you have never seen a more welcoming, sweet face in your life. Every time she walks in a room, it lights up just enough so everyone can see her gorgeous face. She looks great in just about anything, and never comprises her beauty for douche bags. She is really great friend who will always be there for fashion or relationship advice. But she never misses a chance to smile.
Where is that glow coming from?
Dude, it's that chick you like!
Ohhh, it's Lauren.
by OmgUrbanDefsMakeMePuke January 26, 2015
Lauren is the most beautiful smart person ever. She is funny kind and never judges others. she shows compassion. Lauren is the light of life shes amazing in every way. she is the dream girl and she is worst every breath of air so never waste your time with her shes basically happiness in a person.
"Aww dude Lauren is amazing i love talking to he."
by McFaggot November 08, 2014
VERY athletic

Can be the most boyish girl you know.
But she cleans up nice. She's
Gorgoues and nice. Normally really funny and most Lauren's aren't the best at math.

Anyways it's always to have a friend named Lauren (:
by Frlllo February 01, 2014
At first glance, she looks like the life of the party--always happy, always bubbly, never a harsh word for anyone. That's a lie. Underneath that shiny mask is a girl who has gone through hell; mocked for her intelligence, her imperfections, her uniqueness. A girl who, once she knows you, will love you and care about you with her whole heart, but will never tell you. She's got this wall up around her heart, hidden by her smile, her armor to defend against heartache and misery. A Lauren is strong. Stronger than you would believe, because instead of choosing to let her true feelings show, she chooses to be the ray of sunshine in someone else's life. Because, she thinks, they probably have it worse than me. If you know a Lauren like this one, treat her well, don't play games with her, or lie, because later, after the day is done, she'll sit in her room alone. And cry.
Person 1: Did you see Lauren yesterday? It looked like there was something wrong with her.
Person 2: Nah, man, you're imagining things--Lauren's fine, look at her smile!
by TheQuietOnes June 24, 2015
A girl who succeeds in life , very attractive , and smart. She is taken for granted but doesn't deal with it she gets tired of it and stands up for her self and able to achieve Finn nominal goals and able to keep her head high
Lauren successful and beautiful also humble.
by lilmama50243 May 26, 2015
Lauren is a girl who hides many feelings to get away from it all. You can fall in love with her amazing eyes, her sweet voice, and her award winning smile. She hides everything from everyone, and usually when she opens up to you she trusts you a lot. Never break Lauren's heart because just as she's able to hide a lot of feelings, she can keep many of your secrets and can be cruel enough to let them loose.
"Hey who is that girl?"
"That's Lauren. Man she's amazing but don't hurt her."
"Why not?"
"Because she'll become more cruel then you can imagine."
by Nathaniel D. Williams July 20, 2015

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