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When a fetus (unborn baby) is evacuated from the womb during the third trimester. For the most part, late term abortions are usually unnecessary.

Unfortunately by the fetus (unborn baby)is able to feel the pain. Hillary Clinton supports late term abortions.

late term abortion... unacceptable for nationwide policy
Hillary Clinton will force every female to abort her pregnancy even though the fetus (unborn baby) is viable.

late term abortion
by ksjdfhkjhkjh February 23, 2008
an extremely evil act of killing a baby after it becomes possible (somtimes might be a longshot but still possible) for it to live outside of the womb. only because it is inconvenient for the mother and when in reality the mother could give the baby up for an adoption.

i new someone who got a late term abortion done. her poor baby never even had a name
by zertech March 10, 2007
when a fetus is aborted after the 2nd trimester.
Wesley: You know what, Sally? I'm starting to think you were lying to me when you said women sometimes just turn into men, and a man's gestation period is longer than a woman's! You're in your 134th month, so you're either a morbidly obese transgender, or it's time for a late term abortion!
by BirkMagirk April 15, 2011