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The warm, stale, remains of an alcoholic beverage. The term larry applies to the "ass" or sludge at the bottom of an old discarded drink from the night before. Someone consuming a larry is most likely a lowlife degenerate from Peaks Island, or any other neighboring island off the coast of Maine.
I can't believe you just drank that larry when you woke up. The water was sitting right next to it.
by FattyNatty December 16, 2010
The half empty beer forgotten by your drunk friends after they already open another. See also alcohol abuse
Hey asshole finish your larrys before opening another beer! You have four open.
by bud-wizer September 18, 2011
A larry is a huge douche bag
That guy is a huge LARRY
by loverofthedarkskins December 09, 2013
In the Mormon subculture, to larry is to marry a person whom you met while on a mission, or to return back to your mission after the completion of two years (or 18 months for the female) and marry someone who lives in that area. This is especially common in foreign countries and/or language missions.
Elder Z loves Chinese women. He's totally going to larry when he gets home.
by ItsJustJon October 30, 2010
he is a fat vagina that doesnt have any life. all he does is lick himself clean every morning
look at that Larry over there getting pwnd
by tomas wheeler February 27, 2011
A slang term for a giant, a person of large stature with an enormous phallus, who dwells on giant mountain with others of his own kind.
Holy shit, did you see that guy?
Oh ya, he was a Larry for sure.
by jables80 January 01, 2011
The act of asking someone a question or favor online and logging off before you can answer the question.
Bill: Hey! What's the world history homework?
You: Assignment #1

Your chat message wasn't sent because Bill is offline.
You: *Don't Larry me!!*
by sephiroth1234 June 06, 2010