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The lead song on the Atlanta Rhythm Section album Champagne Jam, released in 1978. According to the ARS website, "This flat out rocker pays tribute to the Lynyrd Skynyd band, with lyrics focusing on their shared musical experiences on stage. It's hard hitting, crisp and intense-a fitting tribute to a band that were ARS' contemporaries and been quoted as acknowledging ARS to be the best band in the South."

We'll have us a large time, a knock down, drag out ball
We'll have us a large, large time, you all
by ARSFan March 24, 2011
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Large Time: n. 1. A lot of fun. 2. Very big event of much size.
1. We airman Smith at the squadron banquet. A large time was had by all.

2. The concert next Saturday is going to be a large time.
by Your name: March 22, 2004
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