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In Quebec, the street name for the officers of the OLF (Office de la Langue Francais) who patrol the streets enforcing law 101, the infamous language law that at first completely outlawed english on any commercial signs in Quebec, and now only outlaws english on outdoor signs. Indoor signs must conform to a system whereby the french text must "predominate", that is, be put in a bolder, larger text above any englsh or other language.

Though few in number, they are much hated in the English and Allophone community for their Nazi-like tactics of harassment of small businesses. It is the reason why Kentucky Friend Chicken (KFC) is Poulait Frit Kentucky (PFK) here. Not all large coporations have changed their names to comply, however. Mac Donlald's was allowed to keep their apostrophe, but other stores, notably Eaton's (and the fat English ladies that worked there)were not immune.
Those fucking language police want me to change my sign! What the hell do ya mean the english is one quarter of an inch too big to be less prominent than the french! FUCK YOU FROGS!
by G.H. Hadden May 03, 2005
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