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Place where people with huge genitals post often.
Anonymous has no genitals, therefore so right to be on
by anonymous June 09, 2003
17 28
Website instilled with the power of the gods.
That Fraulein from sure swings the big dick.
by Fraulein February 02, 2004
47 30
website ruled by a man named playdough head
man, playdough head runs lambgoat in such a swell manner
by alex lambgoat June 11, 2003
16 24
i still haev respect for those guys because they are capable of releasing an album such as Calculating Infinity. BUT...Irony Is A Dead Scene made me want to vomit...there new stuff will probably be lame too. we'll see.
Lambgoat is gay. Renegade is the coolest Lambgoat poster.
by renegade September 18, 2003
25 34
By: redroses4bluelady on 9/9/2003 8:40:49 PM

HAHAHAHHAHAHA thats the fucking funniest thing EVER. dude your a funny shit. i hate girls more than gay dudes hate tits...and thats alot.
I still haev respect for, even though everybody on there are ghey.
by Anonymoses September 18, 2003
13 25